LAUTECH Proscribes Indiscriminate Parking Of Vehicles On Its Campuses

LAUTECH Proscribes Indiscriminate Parking Of Vehicles On Its Campuses

LAUTECH proscribes indiscriminate parking of vehicles on its campuses
The Security Committee of the University has gotten the approval of Management to check indiscriminate parking of vehicles along the road side in the University Environment. It has also been mandated to carry out other functions towards ensuring safe and healthy driving on the two campuses.
To this end the Committee wishes to inform the University Community that:
(i) Any motorist coming into the University must obtain a tally at the gate and submit the tally when he/she is going out of the University and all motorists must submit themselves for security check at the gate.
(ii) Indiscriminate parking of vehicles along the road sides is now prohibited. Any vehicle parked at unauthorized place will be clamped down and the owner will be sanctioned accordingly.
(iii) Open space in front of PDS complex, MKO lecture Hall car park and old motion ground car park have been designated as car parks for all students. Under no circumstance should any student go beyond these points.
(iv) Modalities for vehicles registration for members of staff and students are being worked out and University Community will be inform when it is ready.
The Committee hereby solicits for cooperation of the University Community in making LAUTECH a peaceful place.

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