“Why I’ll never visit a man in his house again!”

This is one experience that I can never forget. And I want you to learn from it as I did. Love and sex is sweet. But there’s nothing wrong with having it at the right time and with the right person.
Well, I am not a sex freak. But if there’s anything I cherish so much in a relationship, then it has to be love.
So, is love really blind?
Will Moss believes that love is not blind. It sees more and not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. James Graham argues that love is blind and marriage is the institution for the blind.
While some people will disagree with this, other people will also have differing opinions.
In an article on Psychology Today, the reason we idealize our beloved is because we tend to evaluate positively what we desire.
That aside. To what length have you gone for love?
Sometimes ago, I could go any length just for love without fear.
But then, I noticed that most men take advantage of this. When you are used to checking on some partners, they begin to exhibit strange acts. But sometimes, we need to learn from our own mistakes to be wiser.
I traveled sometimes ago, to go see my parents after my exams. So I decided to surprise my (so-called) boyfriend by checking on him at his place.
When I got in, he asked me what I wanted to eat. And I said he should offer me anything he had at home because I was really starving.
After then, I just wanted to just lie my back somewhere before going to my parent’s place.
We both agreed on a no sex relationship at least until I’m ready. But, he insisted on having sex with me then and now. And I was like what! Are you kidding me? And he said no. He wants it right now and here. I was scared because such a thing has never happened to me before. I began to weep. I began to beg him. Just for him not to hurt me. But he insisted. He began to make me feel bad for checking on him before going to see my parents. He began to make me feel stupid because of the love I had for him then. While I was still begging him to stop, he carried me and laid me on his bed. I couldn’t scream because people were around. I was just grinning and bitter. He forced himself into me without even considering the fact that I was a virgin. He used his male strength on me and pressed my back to his bed stick. It was painful. Stop! Stop! But he wouldn’t listen. Until he accomplished his mission. So he stood up. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t even sit. I managed to stand up from his bed. The deed has been done. So he went to freshen up and began to apologize to me that it wasn’t his fault and all. That I was too attractive. That he didn’t know what came over him. And all those while he was talking, I was just starring at him. I couldn’t utter any statement than to say I’ve forgiven you. But from the depth of my heart. I hadn’t forgiven him. Things like this are bound to happen. But it all depends on how one decides to handle such situation. So, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be too nice to any man again. Never! I think that day was the last time I set my eyes on him. I didn’t want to see him again. Though I’m okay now. I’m stronger and wiser. This experience humbled me. It changed my perception of love. I started seeing men as sexual beasts. If my then boyfriend can hurt me this much. If he can take away what I so much cherish from me forcefully, then no man is to be trusted again.I could go any length for love in the past but not anymore

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