”A young Nigerian musician who sows his life to devil will die this year unless” – Apostle Sediq Moses shocking prophecies

General Overseer of Christ Holy Mountain House or Prayer for All People, Apostle Sediq Moses, formerly known as Abubakar Sediq, has released stunning revelations.
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He is one of the Men of God who are making exploits with their very potent and accurate prophecies about Nigeria and the world at large. The Founder and General Overseer of the vast-increasing Christ Holy Mountain House of Prayer, located auspiciously at 16, Bolarinwa Street, Ikotun, on the outskirts of Lagos, Apostle Sediq Moses spoke extempore and exclusively on what God told him about the impending developments in the country vis-a-viz the political climate and the next annual Prayer Summit of the church, which comes up tentatively on October 19, 2018.

The discourse is presented to you in parenthesis by Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Giraffe Christian News, GCN. Akin Sokoya. The prophecies and revelations are very startling, shocking and stunning. Enjoy the explosives of the Man of God who is widely acclaimed as the Moses of Our Time.
‘The Almighty God, whom I serve without any deceit, gave me new prophecies, precisely on Sunday, August 19, 2018, during our periodical ‘Resurrection Service.’ In the encounter with God, I saw a gathering cloud of an impending rain around a sea, full of water, and God distribute certain things of consequential magnitude. God said Nigerians and indeed the church of God should pray and fast for seven (7) days, and the rainfall will be a blessing and not a disaster. In our church, the seven-day fasting, actually commenced on Tuesday, August 21 by our church members.
The past Thursday, God gave me a word of prophecy, and i had given out through the Facebook, and as He was showing me, I saw a sea of trickling water out, and I was told that anybody living near the sea should start running, because I saw that if they refused to yield to this warning, they will not survive the accompanying flood disaster. Meanwhile, with the unprecedented way my prophecies have been coming to pass, if I tell you that Buhari will win in 2019, you should not doubt it; but the fact remains that I have never prayed that Buhari should win, except, may be, he comes and meet me to pray for him. Mind you, I am not saying this to curry his favour. I was standing somewhere yesterday when I saw an angel bring Senate President, Bukola Saraki to me, and the angel said I should ask him pertinent questions, and I said what question; and he said I should ask him, is he a president? He said, Yes he is a senate president.
The angel said I should ask him again. Is the word president equal to another president, and he said, yes he is a president, and the angel said to me that he is going to ask Nigerians questions: how many vice-presidents does the president have? What is the meaning of vice president? It means assistance and he works with the president in advisory capacity; which means the president has not much power of his own, based on the argument and hypothesis on ground. He thus in essence must take advice from his vice. In the same vein, the Senate President is not as good as the President of Nigeria. He should stop saying Buhari is his problem. He has so many enemies in Nigeria. We have so many leaders who are not friends of APC, but because the APC never had spiritual eyes, they keep on hiring on these enemies in borrowed friends’ robes to work under them. Today, these deceivers have gathered themselves in opposition once again and they want the APC to go down. All this is happening because the APC has been blind and unreceptive to reasons and the flagrantly employed them in their fold. Now they have unleashed their terror and left APC for PDP. They are all coming out to contest because they thought they have had enough of their idiosyncracies.

They believe if they go to the other side, they can fight and win, but their fight will not be strong enough to upstage the incumbent, and this will not save them of their chicanery and shenanigans. The weapon they are gathering is no their weapon, and if they use it to fight, it will go back to the original owner ab initio. Before former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the election in 2015, I told the media that he should stop going to the North and giving them money, because that money he was giving them will only help APC to grow beyond bounds, which eventually happened.
I was here until they started beating and harassing pastors, but he refused to listen to us; simply because we are not popular. Now the APC should be careful, because it has fed its enemies before and shouldn’t feed them again as they are not the kind of enemies that will ever be at peace with them. We should also pray for Saraki. I am passionately appealing to him through this medium not to contest for the Presidency of this country. The only person I can see from my crystal ball standing out with a chance in the PDP, is Atiku Abubakar, and not even Rabiu Kwakwanso. And even if they all contest, they are only coming out and warming up for the nearest future, because APC will still rule this country in the next dispensation. They don’t own Nigeria, God owns Nigeria. As an addendum, my veritable flood prophecies have started coming to pass all over the world, in London, in India, Italy and other countries.’
Highlights of other prophecies by the Moses of our Time
Reeling out other prophecies, Apostle Sediq Moses said: I saw a young musician; he was really drunk, with his friends and was involved in a car accident. A fatal one and none of them survived. So the young musician should be careful and pray hard to avert this tragedy. He had something like this in the past, but survived. But now it’s his time around in the marine world. He’s going to die. Because he sold his life to the devil and if he gets this message, he should come to me or go to any believing man of God for prayers. The spirit of God brought to Kenya, revealed to me that there two presidents in the country; God removed one and let the other continue.
The one that God did not ordain will sleep in the bed and have a heart attack, and die. So he should step down, in order to save his life. In Nigeria, we should pray against armed robbers. They will stop and kill everyone in a long bus on the road of Lagos to Abuja; Lokoja to Abuja.
Please, people in Lagos should also pray against flood. And also people in Lokoja will be in their sleep when flood comes; and people in Lagos should be aware and wary of those buildings in the coastal areas, and chasing the water, they should be careful. Delta and Kogi states inhabitants living close to water should run. They should all move away. Any attempt to fight the military in the 2019 elections may lead to military taking over the government from the civilian government,apostle Sediq warns

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